1. Short description: The THOR.Serialization project is a .net library for (de-)serialization purposes of .net objects. Classes may be serialized to different targets like databases or XML.
  2. Motivation: After a comprehensive search for a serialization layer in .NET we finally found no solution which matches our needs. The solution already integrated in the ".NET Framework" doesn't have enough flexibility/simplicity for automated (de-)serialization. E.g. you can neither change easily the target of the (de-)serialization process nor the structure for loading/saving the object data.
    Therefore we have decided to design and implement our own .NET peristance layer in C#. This project features simple mechanisms to load/save object data from/to targets like XML or databases. It also supports the deserialization of object sets. This project is addressed to people facing the known problem of object persistancy in object related/oriented languages like .net C#/VB.Net etc. .
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